Design and Installation Process

Initial Consultation($100/hour)

  • Introduction- Discuss the current garden, client lifestyle.
  • Design program – List areas, structures, other elements desired to improve function and appearance.
  • Budget – Discuss known budget constraints & priorities.

Rough Estimate

  • Prepare rough cost estimates for each element of the design program.
  • Refine design program based on current and future budgets.
  • Consider work phases and determine projected approximate project timeline.

Design Approval

  • Sign agreement, pay retainer.
  • Site Measurement and Analysis
  • Plant assessment – groom shrubs, prune trees to assess design value. Remove undesirable plant material.
  • Measure – Create base map that includes existing plants, hardscaping, utilities, etc.
  • Analyze environment – Assess soil condition, sun/ shade patterns, heat, wind, traffic patterns, views, etc.


  • Create and present conceptual sketches.
  • Refine and review as needed.
  • Create and present final design plan, planting plan.

Construction Drawings, Contractor Consultations (as needed)

  • Get approval for construction-specific design time.
  • Create, present, revise construction drawings.
  • Get bids, time lines from contractors.

Installation Approval

  • Approve installation estimate, project workflow and estimated timeline.
  • Sign agreement, pay retainer.


*Estimate revisions will be a gradual process as we refine the designs, consult with contractors, and obtain bids for individual components.