Aesthetic Pruning & Tree Care

Earthly Delights specializes in Aesthetic pruning. Based on Japanese horticultural traditions, aesthetic pruning employs art and craft to improve health and reveal the character of trees and shrubs in the landscape or in containers.

Different species of plants have different essences and individual specimens have their own essence. My goal as an aesthetic pruner is to highlight that plant’s character, such as the seasonal foliage and flowers, attractive bark, or branch structure, (whether classic or unusual for that plant). In addition to improving the plants themselves, sensitive pruning techniques allow plants to add function and beauty to their settings by exposing a distant view, leading a guest’s eye to the front door, allow more light through a window, or either accentuate or soften/screen adjacent architecture.

Since pruning usually involves thinning the foliage and branches within a plant to correct and reveal the structure, the resulting increased light and air circulation, also enhances the plant’s general health.

Our tree care services include selection, placement and installation of new trees in the ground or in containers.  The right tree in the right place can make a powerful statement of stability and beauty, especially when nurtured over time.

While aesthetic pruning and general care is a part of every garden we maintain, we do have many clients for whom we only do aesthetic pruning, visiting one to three times a year.   The galleries below feature stand-alone images as well as before and after comparison photos.

Our arboriculture services includes these consultations and hands-on work:

– Site evaluation for planting and installation

– Planting, bracing, staking, and aeration

– Disease diagnosis/treatment, fertilization, aeration

– Tree safety evaluations

– Tree protection in construction zones

Before & After