UCSF Rooftop Japanese Garden

In 2010 Japanese Garden Designer Shigera Namba and Landscape Designer Edward Natoni Jensen

completed plans for this garden.  Just 10 years after installation, the garden had been seriously compromised by inadequate maintenance, poor pruning practices and mostly, the ravages of a  relentlessly windy site, causing many plants to die or be severely stunted.

In 2018 Earthly Delights was hired to steward the garden back to health.  Phase 1 included assessing the condition of each plant, removing many, assessing the irrigation system, and repairing a water feature.  Since then Earthly Delights has been maintaining the garden, including pruning and training the focal point trees and shrubs.

Phase 2 recommendations include replacing failed plants.  Last year’s work included the replacement of a dead bamboo hedge on the leeward side, to recreate a windscreen.