Buena Vista Woodland

Since 2010 Earthly Delights has done the aesthetic pruning on the many trees on this charming property, including 10 assorted Japanese Maples, Loquat, Acacia, Dogwood, Purple Plum, Podocarpus, 2 Apples, Acacia, Dogwood, Hawthorne and 3 wisteria vines.

in 2012 Earthly Delights was then hired to redesign and install the rear garden, which included visually expanding the garden by removing 30’ of boxwood hedge. Now following 4 years as a maintenance account the garden has been restored to a verdant Japanese woodland.

In the front, the addition of placement boulders lend scale and solidity to the  specimen Japanese Maples and foundation shrubs, while the replacement of lawn with a tapestry of ground covers creates a more naturalistic meadow effect.

“Several years ago, I brought Michael in when the gardens surrounding my home were pretty much in chaos. Today, thanks to the incredible artistry and talent that Michael has brought, my yards are a thing of great beauty. Michael has an impeccable sense of landscape design and is a skilled arborist. He has turned my trees into sculptural works of art, and has thoughtfully replanted the garden to create a distinct sense of place and beauty.  I am in awe of his work and deeply respectful of his many talents in the garden.”

– Howard Roffman, Garden Owner